The Grand Finale:


The Grand Finale of the EBGT 2013/2014 took place in Munich, from 21st to 23rd of July 2014, right after the Munich Open 2014.  The date and place have been carefully chosen to make it easy to acceed and during a time when many have summer holidays. It also allowed international players to experience a Backgammon Summer, with Munich, Cannes, Monaco and Portugal, 4 major events back to back within one month. 

18 real players from 10 nations took at the Grand Finale. 

All matches of the Grand Finale were to 9 points with clocks being mandatory (2 minutes per point + 12 seconds delay per move).


List of qualified players:

1. Parviz ROKH (Iran) - replaced by Nodar GAGUA (Georgia/Russia)
2. Ralf JONAS (Germany)
3. Masayuki "Mochy" Mochizuki (Japan)
4. Michihito "Michi" Kageyama (Japan)
5. Kare ARONSSON (Sweden)
6. Tilman SÖHNCHEN (Germany)
7. Maya PEYCHEVA (Bulgaria)
8. Ricardo MALAS (Lebanon/Spain)
9. Dirk LEINBERGER (Germany)
10. Charis CHRISTIDIS (Greece)
11. Jürgen ORLOWSKI (Germany)
12. Mario SEQUEIRA (Portugal)
13. Kamil KARAALI (Turkey)
14. Erhan YENISEN (Turkey) - replaced by Konstantinos MITRELIS (Greece)
15. Zafer TAS (Turkey)
16. Ulrich TAMM (Germany)
17. Peter BLACHIAN (Germany)
18. Hamza NAR (Turkey) - replaced by Rune Faerevag (Norway


Schedule of the Grand Finale:

The Grand Finale will be played, using the new FT-Swiss triple elimination format. A player is out as soon as he loses 3 matches. The format is a rotation system in a Swiss manner and has been tested, used and approved on various tournaments.





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